Can Writing be monetized?

Yes, it can!

I get paid for writing, editing and many more writing-related jobs.

Oftentimes, paid jobs are the reason why I do not blog frequently.

There are lots of fears by many writers that borders around monetizing their skill.

Many persons find it hard to get a good reward for their writings.

This is not supposed to be.

Here are a few tips that can help you earn from your skill.

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How to Become a Writer

Write. Write. Write

I mentioned in my last post how I began writing.

It may look strange, but writing came to me naturally. However, even if yours do not come to you like mine did, yet you can develop a routine that would engrave the art in you. Continue reading How to Become a Writer

Get a Writing Mentor

Hello Readers,

Everyone can write. True. But not everyone eventually writes. This is also true.

Writing is a sellable skill. Yet, there are lots of writers out there, excellent writers, who have never made a dime from the art.

Over the years, I have noticed how difficult and frustrating it is to put words together to make common sense; especially when there are no immediate benefits. Continue reading Get a Writing Mentor