Beauty in Rage

The moment I sighted his face from the entrance to our meeting place, I saw it coming. I could read the look on his face; a perfect place to break the news.

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How to become a Productive Writer?

Writing is an art, and just like every other art, it requires motivation.

Motivation is what separates the mediocre writer from the top-rated content creator. Hence to remain a writer, you have to get a formidable motivation that can stand the test of time. Being bored as soon as you begin your writing career is a guarantee. Continue reading How to become a Productive Writer?


I hate to disturb you, pastor. But this is very urgent.

Pastor, I think someone is pursuing me from the village. You remember that day you said we should pray against generational curses and monitoring spirits? Yes, that day, I could not pray. Those people pursuing me from my village made me sleep all through the prayer session. I was snoring in church, imagine! Even close to a loudspeaker. Continue reading Polygamist


The voice of one crying, this time, not in the wilderness, but in the thick streets of Lagos where the hustling and bustling are real. It is the voice of blood. It cries against the cancerous arms of the Nigeria Police Force. It cries against jungle justice on uniform, it cries against Ogunyemi Olalekan, the Policeman who shot Kolade Johnson in cold blood. Continue reading End SARS